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“The Nail” General Background Information

Here, you’ll find general background, fictional stories and other information that doesn’t naturally fit in the Adventure Log or Characters pages. You are welcome to add to it. This is a great place to add additional fiction about your character, or “off camera” events you would have engaged in, or things that were formative for your character that are too long to put in your character bio.

Cultural Notes on Ariadh

Scene Setting and Other Fiction

Here is where you’ll find other stories to help set the scene, fill in backstory and otherwise help flesh out the game world. You may want to check this occasionally, as you can never tell when some useful information might appear.

Again, further stories, vignettes and other character information is both welcome and encouraged here.

Eadweald’s Treachery

The Death Bed of the Wizard and the King

The Heart of Fire

A Rude Awakening

Requiem for a Friend

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The Nail Llew