The Heart of Fire

“No! absolutely not.”

“Wh-wha-What?” stammered Madoc.

“I’ll take that back, thank you very much.” With that Gedrych snatched the book off of Madoc’s desk. It was a deep read with burnished letters on the front –_The Heart of Fire_. “I’ll not have you burning down half the city with your learning. You have my notes on the element of water. Much safer.”

And much less legible thought Madoc. Or comprehensible. Gedrych was clearly a brilliant man but his ability to communicate that brilliance, in word or in prose, was much more limited. But the few pages he had read from The Heart where clear and concise. But even more, it spoke to him, and he was excited about his studies again. Not any more though. He got up to look for the disorganized sheaf of papers Gedrych had previously given him., Never the good stuff. Later, he thought. Later I will read that book.

The Heart of Fire

The Nail Compost