Madoc Siors Belief Log

1. I am bound by pledge and curse to raise infant king to maturity

  • The fey are not to be trifled with, we must find and return this Melissande in order to avoid their ire and gain their succor.

2. Its best way to avoid trouble by avoiding notice and letting others do the work.

  • Bah, these wretched bandits are still about. Perhaps with a little subterfuge and illusion they can be fooled into believing the king haunts these woods and destroyed their captain so that they quit it once and for all.

3. A trip like this is an excellent opportunity to stumble upon interesting oddities and rarities that could further my studies.

  • The fey possess many curios and oddities of power that they have often lost interest in. Perhaps I can shake loose something of value from them or their “Feyspeaker.”

Madoc Siors Belief Log

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