Eadweald the Hound

Former rebel recruiter and scout, turned turncoat


Eadweald was an idealist who bought into the grand stories that the rebel duke Brellig told about a new, more just, more egalitarian society that would come when he took the throne from his brother, King Buronar. He eagerly told of the new social order to come and recruited a band of scouts to serve the duke. At the Battle of Two Kings, Eadweald proudly led his scouts into battle as skirmishers.

During the conflict, he was near when the duke fell, and was part of the party who was swept into the tent as the rebel duke was treated. He was bitterly disillusioned by the duke’s deathbed words, and learned that the grand fantasy of a new realm was just that. He took news of the plot against the king’s infant son and tried to get it to the loyalists. The man he got the message to was Trystan Aze’mar.

Eadweald the Hound

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