Aranphir Ap Murdrak

Court Astrologer (Spymaster to the late King Buronar)


Lifepaths: Born Noble, Bastard, Lead to Outcast, Strider, Blackmailer, Lead to City Dweller, Student, Lead to Noble Court, Courtier

Age : 34

Fate: 6 Persona: 6 Deeds: 1 Dec. 5, 2010
Will: B4, Perception: B6, Power: B4, Forte: B4, Agility: B4, Speed: B4
Reflexes: B4, Steel: B6, Hesitation: 6, Health: B5,
Mortal Wounds: B10, Circles: B2, Resources: B2, Speed Mult.: x3.5
Superficial: B3 Light: B5 Midi: B7 Severe: B8 Traumatic: B9 Mortal: B10
  1. I gave my pledge to the dying king, I will see his infant son raised to the Dragonbone Throne. Sir Eglund knows something about the King’s child. He must live long enough to tell me what he knows.
  2. I live to serve Ariadh. Sie Gowen has a sharp eye for detail. I must win him over to service in the shadowed sceptre.
  3. Threats to the Kingdom of Ariadh must be put down brutally.
  • Never trust information from only one source
  • Never speak the complete truth
  • When I have free time, cast astrology charts.
[Dt] Mark of Privilege [Dt] Bastard [Dt] Cold Hearted [Dt] Rapier Wit
[Dt] Ear for Voices [C-O] Glib [Dt] Thick Skinned [Char] Loner
[Dt] Cold-Blooded
Anatomy B3 Astrology B6 Bow B2 City-Wise B3 Court Gossip-Wise B3
Dirty Secrets-Wise B3 Disguise B2 Etiquette B3 Extortion B2 Falsehood B3
Family Secret-Wise B3 Foraging B3 Forest-Wise B3 Forgery B2 History B3
Inconspicuous B2 Knives B2 Noble-Wise B3 Observation B3 Orienteering B3
Persuasion B5 Philosophy B2 Poisons B3 Read B3 Rhetoric B3
Rule of Law B3 Seduction B2 Soothing Platitudes B2 Stealthy B2 Streetwise B3
Symbology B3 Ugly Truth B3 Write B2
  • 2D The Shadowed Scepter, spy ring of King Buronar ruler of Ariadh
  • 1D Born of the Old Blood (Mark of Privilege)
  • 1D “Lord Fear”, Prime Minister of the Shadowed Scepter
  • 1D Infamous: Secret-monger (Bastard – Infamous among Nobility)
  • Sareth Furant, Minister of the Shadowed Scepter (Minor)
  • Lord Odrif Cabiss, cuckold, rebel (Minor, hateful/rival)
  • Lady Elinna Cabiss (Minor, romantic love, forbidden)
  • Sir Alant Murdrak, rebel, 1/2 brother (Minor, immediate family, hateful/rival)
  • Baron Gwyss Danryd, loyalist (Minor)
Clothes Shoes Finery Poisoners Toolkit Leather Leggings, Vest (stained with King’s blood)
Traveling Gear; 3 Waterskins 2 Wineskins Tankard Pipe & Tabac Matches
Tinderbox Candles Lamp Oil Hooded Lantern Twine Whetstone
Saddlebags Rations Blanket Backpack Bedroll Tent
Scroll Tube Spyglass Bag of Marbles Bell Flask Soap
Medals (5) Magnifying Glass Mirror Chalk Whistle Sack
Rope Acid Poisons; Deadly (2) Incapacitant (3) Irritant (6)
Intoxicating (2) Paralytic (2) Immobilant (3) Blood Toxin (4) Virulent (2) Weak (5)
  • Bare Fisted I:B2 M:B4 S:B6 Add 2 VA – Fast Shortest

Aranphir Ap Murdrak. Aranphir, bastard of house Murdrak. Aran wears the derogatory “Ap” with pride. Even more so when the “proper” Murdraks joined Duke Brellig in open rebellion to their rightful King.

Every kingdom has a spy network. Ariadh’s is called “The Shadowed Scepter” by it’s members, as well as among those who whisper of it’s existence without knowing the truth. It is run by a Prime Minister, known as Lord Fear, who directs his ministers, who in turn direct their information rings. Technically it is run by the King, who appointed the Prime Minister, and is the only one outside of the Shadowed Scepter who knows his true identity. Even within the organization he is only known as “Lord Fear”. A bare handful know he is in truth Aranphir Ap Murdrak, the court Astrologer.

Aranphir Ap Murdrak

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