The Nail

Leaving Can Be Hard

Some quests are urgent. Others, less so.

Cawdell Owain became aware pressure under his arms, the feel of his toes being dragged over cobblestones, a slight breeze in his face and heard the sounds of the city. This was slightly disturbing as in his last moment of consciousness, he had been passing out in an inn after surviving the effects of a rather vicious poison. He began to stir a bit.

“Hey now, he’s coming around. Let’s help him stand.” As Sir Cawdell became fully aware, he was being helped to stand by two men in the livery of the Earl of Chepstow. They waited and helped steady him until he gained full control of his faculties.

“Greetings, Sir Cawdell. Lord Marshall has summoned you to the palace immediately. We’re sorry, but we can’t really say why, sir.”

Yeah…more is coming….



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