The Nail

For want of a nail, a shoe was lost…

UPDATED 9/3/2010

Here is our basic new campaign. Hopefully you guys will look here when you sign up.

For consistency, please try to come up with Welsh, Old English, Saxon or even Norman style names. A quick Google search should help you out.

Welsh Name Generator

Saxon Name Generator

Generic ‘Medieval’ Name Generator

Once everyone has a name up, I’ll get the initial fictions adjusted and I can start tying you together through some opening scenes and get the initial start-of-play nailed down.

The premise is that you are former loyalists charged with finding, protecting, raising and eventually crowning the infant son of the slain king. It will be a campaign full of intrigue, powerful enemies, scrambling for allies, etc.

For Writing Beliefs

The initial scene will be this: The political situation is chaotic and tense, and there will be much turmoil that can be exploited or can hinder you. Within a matter of days after the climactic battle, your group of conspirators is gathered together. We won’t be roleplaying the initial meetings, but will start with that having happened. At the point we start, everyone has been accepted into the cabal, although harboring suspicions about another member’s real motive for joining is certainly valid.

No one knows for sure where the child is, but I may give a couple of you clues as to where to begin the search, based on your character backstory. The sooner you nail down your character, the sooner I can nail down what you know initially.

For your Beliefs, make sure you have one about why you’re on the quest to rescue the King’s heir. (If you’re going to be there for mercenary motives, be prepared to play it hard, otherwise it may be better for your character to be there for a sincere, heartfelt reason.)

As long as we have that one Belief, we can run with it.

For a second Belief, you may want to set a short-term goal for the session. If you can make more, so much the better.

About the Adventure Log

Everyone is welcome to write on a given session once I get the title up. Often, I may have some “fiction” style at the start — this will often recap scene-setting information that I gave out at the beginning. So if you see your characters involved in short dialogue scenes that we didn’t play out, that’s why. The other characters and even the narrator’s voice are used to get that information into play.

Once I start recording the events, it will be more journalistic in approach. That way, the information is there. Feel free to correct any events or factual errors. And if you want to add anything about the whats/whys/wherefores about your actions, you can. This is especially good if you want to point out something subtle you’re doing to play to a Belief or Instinct.

Of course, you don’t have to write at all, but it can be helpful if you do. Remember…everyone is welcome to help us fill in the story.

The Nail

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